Leadership, decision making and ecosystems – Mozilla Summit

by Alina Mierlus

Next week I’m going to fly to Mozilla Summit in Santa Clara. A few weeks ago I chose to facilitate two supported sessions (“distributed leadership and decision making” and the “ecosystems in our image”). Both sessions seemed to me challenging and a good way to explore some new directions.

I already had conversations with other facilitators on “distributed leadership and decision making” and there is already a good base of content to start.

As a facilitator, my focus is to help participants spark a conversations about decision making, servant leadership and ecosystems in their image. My approach is to ignite thinking and sketching of ideas, proposals… ending up with a wider narrative. And of course, the focus is the participant, as both leadership and decision making are very personal, a set of skills to be developed and proper ecosystems for growth and motivation.

Here are the sessions:

The agenda will be participatory, allowing everyone to make their voice heard. Of course, as those are sessions with some complex topics, I’d encourage participants to continue them during the open sessions.

The outcome of this sessions should give us enough pieces to visualize the diversity of participants and identity of Mozilla Project, a base for an ongoing frameworks to make decision making processes and local ecosystems more effective and aligned.

I’m looking for helpers (co-facilitators and volunteers to document). If you are interested, I’m amierlus on #mozsummit!

Looking forward to it! Also, comments and thoughts are welcome, here or via email!