On friendship…

by Alina Mierlus

Walking through the streets of Sitges, I saw a sculpture of Rosiñol and Casas . On that sculpture there were the words of Rosiñol after discovering the place of Sitges:

Then well, my friends (…) I saw a land with more sun than most of the places, where the sky was more blue, the sea more blue as well (…). I came here to search for landscapes and I found affection. I came to see the sea and I found honest people, with joyful lips and seriousness on their insides. I came, as the butterflies for the light, and I got caught in a fire of friendship”.

Friendship and people makes places special. It reminded me a bit why I came here and why I’m still living in this beautiful country of Catalonia. But most important, here I learned a lot about valuing friendship relationships over everything else. Nice and inspiring day yesterday.

Escultura de Santiago Rusiñol i Ramon Casas