2012 year’s resolution. And 2013…

by Alina Mierlus

2012 was an interesting and reflective year. I spent lot of time learning about the social initiatives and education here in Barcelona, doing some institutional outreach, organise a few events (as Design Jam 2, #mozparty, Popcorn workshop) and getting to know the data journalism community. I’ve also been invited to participate in some Government initiatives as the Barcelona the Lab and Open Data Catalunya. 

During Campus Party this summer and MozFest I’ve also experimented with a Web and Science Design Jam session, exploring the intersection between web native technology and science. Lots of new patterns discovered during those sessions, especially for building tools (web apps) that could open up scientific research to citizens. 

By the end of 2012 I presented the idea of Webmaker club and I’ve joined a small working group (Catalunya CodiClub), that hopefully will grow a community of people and teachers who want to advance coding literacies here in Catalonia (I’ll update on this more) 

But here are, shortly, a few of the things I want to do this year:

* Hive Barcelona. The point bellow I think that’s the core of a Hive Barcelona network. But as a fellow from HiveNYC, Leah Gilliam, mentioned in a recent community call, Hives are built by people and organisations that want to work together, share and innovate. That’s it, bottom-up movement. So something that will start small and take time. Something that doesn’t depend on me 100%, but on local organisations that wants to level-up, adopt the open source way of thinking.

I received an initial support for my ideas and activities from local public initiatives on this, so I’ll commit part of my time in 2013 to work with those community organisations, public libraries or schools who want to take a next step into teaching coding, developing web apps to solve their problems, build their maker/hackerspace corner and bring open source thinking in their activities. But that’s part of another next post. 

* Start programming again. It’s been almost 5 years without writing code (wow) and I feel really bad about it. And when I say programming, I refer to playing with algorithms, write a real a piece of software or contribute in terms of code to an existing open source project. I want to start practicing again writing in Python and Javascript (and maybe plain C just for fun). I advocate for coding literacies in school, for privacy and user choice and … heck I realise that the last code I wrote was only in HTML and CSS a few months ago – that’s not good. 

* Host a @mozpub monthly: the last @mozpub I hosted one year and so ago was amazing, I got to know lots of people and helped to start some new initiatives like Design Jam Barcelona. 

* Move to work from a co-working space (and that’ll happen this January). I was thinking that’s worth the investment. And not because the space, but because the people you meet there. The space I’ll be working from has a lot in common with my thinking: doing things for social good, growing community, the culture of collaboration.

* Focus on (financial) sustainability. A few years ago I took the risk of focusing on community building, social technology and using technology and open source for social innovation – which is great because I learned a lot, I’m doing things I love is a very challenging (and always changing) environment which I like. But that’s twice harder to really find support. So the next months my principal focus would be to make my work sustainable and learn a bit more about local philanthropy (to help initiatives I’m involved in to find support).