How not to be a good bioinformatician

by Alina Mierlus

Yesterday, I received from Toni an interesting document, exploring “How not to be a good bioinformatician”. After reading it, I thought that it could be useful not only for bioinformaticians, but also for various geeks and software makers: from hard programmers to web developers who build applications and software for the public at large.

Here there are the 10 “practices”:

0. Stay low level at every level;

1. Be open source without being open;

2. Make tools that make no sense to biologists;

3. Do not provide a graphical user interface: command line is always more effective;

4. Make sure the output of your application is unreadable, unparseable and does not comply to any known standards;

5. Be unreachable and isolated;

6. Never maintain your databases, web services or any information that you may provide at any time;

7. Blindly believe in the predictions given, P-values or statistics;

8. Do not ever share your results and do not reuse;

9. Make your algorithm or analysis method irreproducible;

You can find the detailed (and provisional) article here.