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Google pushes Chrome in other Google branded products

Today, I decided to install Google Earth, because I heard they offer 3D building visualisation for Barcelona city. All good, apart maybe from the aggressive ad they have on their website, recommending Google Chrome.

After downloading and opening the Google Earth .dmg package, surprise….beside the 2 apps: Google Earth itself and a webplugin, they are also offering the Chrome browser. Then I tried on a Windows OS from my Virtual machine. There I actually observed that they are asking and offering (with the checkbox enabled by default) users to install Chrome. Bellow you can see some images.

Microsoft Windows, Google Earth download page:

MacOS X:
Imagen 1

Applications window in MacOS X:
Imagen 2

What’s the strategy of Google on marketing their new browser? This reminds me a similar move from Apple trying to push Safari through iTunes.

  1. mar.13.2010@10:34 pm - Ryan Rampersad says:

    I don’t like that they have it checked by default to download Chrome. Apple did that same thing with their updater, and I hated it until I found other uses for Safari, but still.

  2. mar.13.2010@11:18 pm - James John Malcolm says:

    It is pushy, but at least they keep it updated!

  3. abr.20.2010@10:34 am - An occasional user says:

    When I downloaded Google Earth, it wasn’t banded with Chrome. I was angry, that Earth uses Internet Explorer inside it (Help->Keyboard Shortcuts). And it still does, doesn’t it? Separately, I installed Chromium and Chrome and occasionally use them, along with Safari, but rarely. My primary browsers are Firefox and Fennec.

  4. ago.5.2010@11:46 am - telecom book says:

    for the Google app, I say yes for Chrome, but for browsing I still prefer Mozilla. Thanks

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